General rental conditions

Deposit, payment and deposits: the reservation of your cottage becomes effective when we receive the deposit of 25% of the total amount of your stay, it can be paid by check or bank transfer.

The payment must take place 1 month before your arrival. Tenants agree to return a copy of the contact and conditions with the date and your signature as "read and approved".

A security deposit of 400 € will be asked (check or cash) on your arrival. This deposit will be refunded on departure after deduction of any damage or cost of repairs.

A deposit of 60 € will also be requested and refunded on departure, provided the chalet is perfectly clean. Otherwise, this amount will be paid locally.


All equipment must be returned where you have found it on arrival even if you have chosen the optional paid cleaning.

Any repair, regardless of its importance caused by the negligence of a tenant, will be supported by the said tenant.The rental can not in any case benefit third parties without the agreement of the owner.

The number of lodgers cannot be higher than what is mentionned in the contract exept if you have agreed beforehand with the owner. Each extra person will be charge 15€ per night.

The replacement of sheets and towels are possible during your stay with a supplement of 8 € per person.

We remind you that children are under the serpervision and responsability of their parents near the swimming-pool. Please, read carefully the safety rules on your cottage when you arrive.


This will be done upon your arrival and then upon your departure by the owner and the renter. If it is impossible to take inventory on arrival, the tenant has 48 hours to inform the owner of any anomaly. Beyond this period, the place will be considered free from any damage on arrival.

A similar inventory must be made before departure, the tenant accepting this inventory with the owner or his agent.

If the landlord notices any damage later, he must inform the tenant within 7 days.

The signature of the contract binds loth parties rrevocably. No cancelation is possible unless there was a written agre.

If the gives-up senting the cottage, he nevertheless owes the totlal amount of the rent.